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Molly Gregg Named Vice President of Web Design at Activ8

Pleasanton, CA – Activ8 Commerce (previously Active Club Solutions, Inc.) is a leading provider of DTC solutions (Mobile Winery POS, club software, eCommerce) since 2003, and is pleased to announce Molly Gregg as VP of the Web Design Department. As a Web Designer for Activ8 Commerce, Gregg has been managing and performing a broad range […]

Yes! You Should Have a Club!

It’s an urban or internet myth that distilleries can’t have or operate a club channel or club program due to shipping regulations. While shipping may not be an option for distilleries, “pick-up” clubs or the “will call” format certainly abounds. Take a peek into the wine world and you will find that the reality is […]

Are You Looking at the Whole Picture?

When selecting a DTC sales software provider, are you looking at the whole picture? Most systems offer you a POS, Club Automation, Website Marketing, and Sales Tools. But, do they accurately deplete inventory across multiple locations? Activ8’s inventory management software offers what most systems are missing. With Activ8 inventory is tracked several ways such as: 1. […]

Inventory Management Improvements

1. An operator can run their club using any inventory stock location (Warehouse, Tasting Room, etc). This ability is not new, but it leads into what has been improved. 2. Having done #1, club members can now go into any location and pick up. The system will un-allocate the inventory used in #1 and allocate […]

New Web Tool: Customer Forgot Password

Active has another new functionality in web tools introduced as “Password Retrieval/Reset.” Go to to click on the video link and learn in 8 minutes how and why this will work for your winery or distillery. There are several ways to access the system when a customer has forgotten their password. The main way […]