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Club Automation

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Loyalty Building Club Experiences

Gain life-long members with choice and/or defined packages

Deliver a custom club experience your member will love.  Whether it’s “Member Choice”, “Winemaker’s Choice” or both, you can offer club formats that surpass expectations.

An amazing club experience should also apply to your managers.  Activ8 Commerce takes the sting out of club exceptions, minimizes payment declines and lets managers schedule the task automation, keeping their focus on your members rather than desk work.

Run with confidence. Activ8’s new club wizard guides your staff every step of the way.  You can even schedule individual steps in the process or schedule all steps at once to put the entire process on autopilot.

  • Customers like to choose, and we bet you do to – offer members the type of club that they like best
    • Auto-ship: Offer a “Blue Apron” or “” type of club experience that allows members to choose what they get and how frequently they get it
    • Winemaker’s Choice: Standard Package Clubs that are easily pitched and understood by members
    • Allocation Clubs let you control what and when members can choose and how much they can have
    • Placeholder Clubs are for club managers who need reusable abstracts for future product
  • Our easy-to-use club automation wizard puts your staff in full control
  • Schedule individual or groups of processes for future dates and times
  • Activ8 Commerce Club System supports
    • Gift and prepaid memberships
    • Membership in multiple clubs
    • Delivery address and email address validation to minimize problems
    • Fully integrated shipping eliminates awkward exports and uploads:
      • Get real-time shipping rates
      • Print thermal shipping labels in the carrier’s format
      • Get tracking links and carrier notifications to members
    • Integrated weather advisories and temperature limits for safe shipping
    • Employee incentive system to drive club growth
    • Visual dashboards to easily understand club health
    • Unparalleled reporting on all levels of club activity
    • Tracking of all employee and member actions with the Activ8 Change Log


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