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All-in-One Sales Solution for your Winery OR Distillery

Activ8’s powerful software helps you efficiently manage
and grow your direct-to-consumer sales

Activ8 revolutionizes POS

We change the way you sell...

Our native iPad POS App gives you everything you need in one database!

automated club processing

Recurring billing
payment handling
membership management
reporting and Dashboards

Activ8 optimizes efficiencies with automated club processing

Bring Your Brand to Life

Stunning Websites that drive visitation and sales

Activ8 creates websites that keep your customers coming back for more


A Powerful Multi-Location Inventory Management System

Activ8’s comprehensive system allows for an unlimited number of locations,
virtual locations, GPS coordinates, multiple product scenarios, & automated reporting

infinite possibilities

the next level of eCommerce

Activ8’s carts embed into your site, with easy customer access & powerful web tools!

Winery POS, Distillery POS, Wine Club, Distillery Club, eCommerce, Marketing, Data Management, and More...

A Complete End-to-End System for Growing your Sales

Activ8 Commerce’s all-in-one sales system is designed to save you time and money by reducing redundant data sets. Update once and done!  Activ8 includes mobile POS, club management and automation, eCommerce, digital marketing, multi-location inventory management, real-time connection to shippers, modern tipping, loyalty points, gift cards and more.  With all systems tools sharing one database, efficiency improves, customer experience is elevated, and staff sells more. It’s a win, win, win situation. Schedule a demo today to see all the features offered with our Winery POS System and Distillery POS System.

Why Activ8 Commerce?

Activ8 Commerce Stable Solution

A Stable Solution

Activ8 Commerce was initially launched in 2003. Now 16 years strong, you get stability so you know your system is going to perform as expected and be there when you need it.

Activ8 Single Solution

A Single Solution

Rather than updating email addresses, phone numbers and customer names in 2, 3, 4 or 5 different systems, Activ8 Commerce does it all in a single database. There’s no need to synchronize data in multiple places so you save time and money and get more believable reports.

Activ8 Data Centric Solution

A Data-Centric Solution

The power of Activ8 Commerce is in the data collected and the data that is accessible. Activ8 Commerce’s goal is to help you make rock-solid business decisions while providing rock-solid tools to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Integrated & Certified

We recognize that customers often have existing systems in place for accounting, shipping, compliance, email newsletters, etc. We work with most other software solutions on the market and can often seamlessly integrate with them to provide our customers with the best of all worlds. Activ8 Commerce works cooperatively with partners to provide our customers with the best solution for their businesses.

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