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Why Activ8 Commerce?

Because we take the confusion out of running your business successfully and smoothly. Multiple, disconnected apps cause confusion for you, your staff and your customers. Activ8 Commerce simplifies how you run your DTC sales programs by providing a single, end-to-end solution.  Put an end to managing the same data in multiple, disconnected apps by using the Acitv8 Commerce system to create a Stable, Single, Multi-Centric Solution for your winery or distillery.

Do it once and done!

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Stable Solution

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Single Solution

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Data-Centric Solution

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Having the right POS in your tasting room can make or break your ability to deliver a positive customer experience.  In an industry where experience is everything, you need to be able to serve your customer and club member where they are.

Much more than a typical retail POS, Activ8’s mobile POS offers a unique level of powerful retail tools plus club control, customer info and history, loyalty points, inventory management, time clock and more.

Activ8’s mobile POS is a living extension of your private and unique database, not an integrated app. It’s always current and in-sync with your customer and inventory data. It’s easy to use, saving hours of training time. It’s mobile and feature-rich, helping your staff to deliver the best customer experience imaginable!


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Deliver the club experience your members will love. Activ8 supports Standard Package, Member Choice and Placeholder Clubs. Host up to 8 different clubs with an unlimited number of options under each one. Your creative club structure is never squelched.

Process thousands of club packages and credit cards in a fraction of the time it would take to manually key every order. Activ8’s club wizard also automates member communications, order confirmations and declined payment notifications too.


hosted ecommerce with activ8 - SolutionsECOMMERCE: HOSTED or SELF-HOSTED

Give your customers access to your system.  What?  Yep! An easy to use, intuitive interface for your customers built right into your website.

Activ8’s eCommerce toolkit includes your online catalog and shopping cart, club registration pages, club allocation catalogs and a member portal.  You also get unsubscribe functionality, a futures cart, and gift card payment capabilities.

Built to function and display perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. These pages can be “hosted” on our server or “self-hosted” and fully stylized with your branding elements. 

Choose from our design templates and start selling online today.


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Let your customers enjoy a fully branded, state of the art website and online shopping experience that will catapult your digital wine sales to the next level.

A well-designed website is an absolute must. Our design team performs a broad range of design and development services that include everything from an entire website redesign to simple iframe modifications, ensuring a smooth transition when onboarding with Activ8’s “Self-Hosted” eCommerce platform.

See a few of the sites we’ve designed and built in our portfolio section and let us know how we can help you.


crm graph 2 - Solutions EMAIL MARKETING & CRM

Drive sales by automating email marketing delivered to the right group of customers.

Activ8 Commerce is built to simplify this critical task.  The CRM functionality of Activ8 is enormous and marketing events can be automated, saving you hours of time.

Send a thank-you email with a special offer to everyone who bought in your tasting room last week.  Schedule this to happen every Monday at 10:00.  Activ8 will do the search, use your design template, do the mail merge and send the emails while you’re enjoying your day off.

Then, to top it all off, Activ8 Commerce tracks the emails and gives you solid campaign results data, including an ROI calculator so you know exactly how much money you made from each event!


reporting and inventory 3 - SolutionsREPORTING & INVENTORY

Know your business like it’s nobody’s business.  Great reporting is a byproduct of strong data management and is where the power of Activ8 Commerce shines the brightly. You can automate many of the reports, so they simply appear in your (and your manager’s) inbox. Grab that morning cup of coffee, open your inbox and see what happened across your entire sales platform yesterday.

Great inventory management also requires solid data management and reporting. True multi-location inventory management is one of our strongest features. Activ8 Commerce helps you stay on top of stock levels at each location. Deplete inventory properly as sales occur. View on hand, allocated, available and on-order inventory by location. Activ8 also tracks inventory movement between locations so you are always in-the-know.


fullment and shipping - SolutionsFULFILLMENT, SHIPPING & TRACKING

Honor your promises to your customers by taking the sting out of fulfillment and shipping.  With Activ8 Commerce’s live integrations with FedEx, UPS and GSO, you’re no longer burdened with the weight of logistics. Each order speaks live with the carrier of choice and applies the exact shipping, packaging cost, and handling fee – on the fly.

Activ8 Commerce is certified by the most common shippers and provides a seamless integration for creating labels, tracking shipments, voiding labels, canceling shipments, rate quotes, and other shipping needs.

Using a 3rd party fulfillment service?  Easily transmit package data to dozens of providers with a click of a button.


database management - SolutionsDATA MANAGEMENT

Sweat less, smile more!  No one likes it when reports don’t jive.  Because Activ8’s POS, Club Software and eCommerce Solution all share one common database, you can feel confident that your sales reports are accurate and true. With Activ8 Commerce’s strong data-centric focus, efficiencies improve, staff sells more, and the customer experience is elevated across your entire operation.

More than in any other system, you get over 18,000 searchable data fields.  When search capabilities are superior, so are your reporting capabilities.  You will know your business better. 


visual kpi dashboards - SolutionsVISUAL DASHBOARDS

Navigate with confidence.  Activ8 Commerce gives you powerful visual dashboards with over 60 different charts and graphs for real-time and historic indicators.  If you’re trending off course, you can take corrective action quickly and confidently.

The coolest part is that there’s no need to be logged in to your system to see your numbers. Just pop them open on your smartphone’s web browser and see your numbers graphically. What a great way to impress your boss in that staff meeting!


Find out for yourself how powerful our all-in-one sales solution is!

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