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Professional Multi-Location Inventory Management

Enjoy complete control of inventory across multiple locations and gain superior business insight.

Activ8 Commerce provides advanced inventory management and gives a much broader understanding of your inventory than you can get from any other multi-channel sales system. True multi-location inventory management gives you visibility to what is on-hand, allocated, available, and on-order in each location.

Never over-sell again.  Activ8’s allocated inventory count puts an end to the embarrassment that happens when a club member comes into pickup their club package only to find out you sold it to someone else.  Inventory stock also auto-adjusts when members pick up at a different location than originally planned.  Talk about a time saver.  And it’s all documented as well.

Activ8 also tracks “inventory transactions”, the movement of inventory stock between locations. They are recorded as a double entry. One entry when stock leaves a location and a counter entry when it is signed for at the receiving location. Onscreen signatures by the carrier also keeps you informed of stock that is in transit and stock that is adjusted into the receiving location.  Automation! Documentation! Reliability!


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