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Professional Multi-Location Inventory Management

Enjoy complete control of inventory across multiple locations and gain superior business insight.


Details when you need it!

Know your business like it’s nobody’s business.  Great reporting is a byproduct of strong data management.  This is where Activ8 Commerce shines brightly. With over 18,000 searchable data fields, you can bet your search results and reporting will be superior.

Activ8 Cloud now makes it easy so you don’t have to have a Master’s in data management.  You can automate many of the reports.  They simply appear in your (and your manager’s) inbox. Grab that morning cup of coffee, open your inbox, and see what happened across your entire sales operation yesterday.

Activ8 Cloud also lets you generate reports with a single click.  Or, use our new search and filters drop-downs to easily get to the answers you want.  You really need to see this in action. Click on the “Request Demo” button at the bottom of the page to see how Activ8 Cloud will eliminate the guesswork and keep you in-the-know.


Visual summaries when you don’t.

Overwhelmed by granular data and just need instant answers?

Active8 Cloud provides visibility to your key indicators so you can put incentives in place and instantly influence the sales results you want.  Dozens and dozens of visual charts and graphs are generated in real-time from the data collected from each order.

You can even see the dashboards when you’re on the road.  Simply save the private URL for your dashboards on your smartphone’s web browser and get an instant and real-time check-in no matter where you are.

Know your business better.


Find out for yourself how powerful our all-in-one sales solution is!

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