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Allocations and Allotment Release Automation

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Allocations and Allotment Release Automation 

When exclusivity is the core of your brand, Activ8 Commerce provides the easiest automation you could imagine to stylishly grant limited access to members or a targeted list of buyers.

Easily select the product you’re offering, set limitations on minimums and maximums, establish beginning, ending, and shipment dates, and send release emails to the list.  You can also let customers “wish” for more if a product is left at the end of the allocation.  This first-come, first-served processing is fully automated.

Activ8 Commerce’s advanced allocation wizard helps you to easily perform or schedule every processing step, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.  Turn it on and set back and watch the momentum build and the orders flood in!

How It Works

Define the products you are releasing, minimums, maximums, price, and discount. Establish a beginning date, ending date, and ship/pickup date.   Email or text members that their allocation or your release is accessible so they can log in and purchase these limited items directly on your website on a first come, first served basis. 

They can even wish for more should any of their favorite product be left after the release expires.  Batch processing and extensive automation help you easily finalize your release and deliver on your promises.

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* The new Allocations Cart is available with the Activ8 eCommPLUS WordPress Plugin.
You must be an Activ8 customer to use this cart.

Some images on this page have been slightly modified to show all the features available with the allocations cart.

Your customers will navigate allocated items just like they do other products in your online store. It will feel familiar and comfortable to them, resulting in more sales for you.

Allocated minimums, maximums, and number already purchased in this specific allocation are clear to the shopper, resulting in less confusion (and more orders).

A familiar “quantity” field allows shoppers to enter how many of each item they want.

If your customers want more, should there be any at the end of this allocation event, they can request that quantity here.

The shopping cart flies in from the right showing how many items your customer is getting now.

A new section shows the number of additional items your customer wishes for if there are any left after this event is over.

The familiar “Proceed to Checkout” button appears so shoppers can provide payment and shipping info, just like they do for any other online purchase.

Familiarity and responsive to all smart mobile devices will help increase your sales.
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