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Urban Mist Theme

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What you need to know if you would like to use this theme

Urban Mist Theme

What size should my images be for this theme?


urban mist image specs display lg 2a - Urban Mist Theme

This is a good theme if you have square small images and want nothing but your product displayed with click-through on images to read more.

  • Image Specs: 
    • height: 200 pixels (image height automatically conforms to the image width).
    • width: 200 pixels (choose a width and stay with it).
    • Image width and height must be consistent – choose the dimensions and stay with them.*
    • Orientation: Square (this not a good theme for horizontal images)
  • Image Size:
    • compress images to under 600 KB.
    • images 1MB and larger will create long page load times.
    • please check your image sizes before uploading.
  • Product Sizes:
    • for different bottle sizes and other images, you will need to work within the image spec size shown above**. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: resizing images or using different heights and/or widths could break the theme layout and will most likely cause images to be blurry.

If your image sizes are correct and every product has an image this is what you should see

Urban Mist Layout

urban mist shopping cart layout large 1024x727 - Urban Mist Theme