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POS Mobile Tasting Room

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Activ8’s Member-Centric Point-of-Sale

Serve customers and the members with one streamlined device.

In an industry where experience is everything, you must be able to serve your customers and club members meaningfully in that face-to-face environment.

Activ8 POS is designed to elevate the guest experience and help your staff serve competently and professionally.  As such, it features a unique mix of retail selling tools, club control features, customer insight pages, and location-specific inventory management.


  • Not an integration
    • Powered by the same database that runs your club and web sales
    • Updates actions fully and in real-time – constantly in sync with your clubs and web pages 
  • The first with attached mobile EMV reader – See the EMV Reader 
  • Easy to use saving you hours of training time
  • Affordable with minimum equipment investment
  • Unlimited users and iPads – no additional licensing fees
  • Expert support and free upgrades to new versions
  • Integrated with QuickBooks Accounting

FUNCTIONALITY – your comparison checklist

  • Tasting Room or Retail Room
    • Automated discounts for club and quantity
    • Automated sales tax for retail and destination locations
    • Automated shipping and handling fees
    • Suspend and un-suspend transactions – even across locations and devices
    • Easy returns, voids, and refunds
    • Integrated payment processors using point-to-point encryption and tokenization
    • Send items to kitchen or fulfillment printer with modifiers
    • Bluetooth barcode scanners supported
    • Branded gift cards and loyalty points program
  • Club Service
    • Join paperlessly
    • Easy to update customer/member data on screen
    • Capture, update, and replace card on file
    • On-screen signature for pickups
    • Automated “Swaps” modify package pickups
  • eCommerce
    • Automated web order pickups including automated “Swaps”
  • Inventory
    • Multi-location Tasting Room POS
    • Allocated inventory identification by location
    • Visibility to available count left to sell
    • Create new items on the fly
    • Adjust physical inventory as needed
    • Transfer and receive inventory to and from other locations
  • Staff Tools
    • Scheduling allows employees to see when they are scheduled to work
    • Time Clock allows staff to clock in and clock out
  • Wholesale
    • Gives field reps a mobile solution for creating new accounts, generating invoices and even taking payments in the field



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