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POS Mobile Tasting Room

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Streamline and Connect

Serve in-person customers and members with Activ8’s smart retail device.

In an industry where experience is everything, you must be able to serve your customers and club members meaningfully in that face-to-face environment.

Activ8’s POS is designed to elevate the guest experience and help your staff serve competently.  As such, it provides a unique mix of retail selling tools, club controls, customer insights and location-specific inventory features that are simply not available in many of the popular retail POS apps.


  • Connects your entire consumer-direct sales operations to your retail room
    • Gives direct access to existing customer/member data, value, and history across all channels
    • Sets up new members as well as creates new orders
    • Simplifies club and online order pickups and swaps
    • Uses master product data eliminating syncing errors
    • Offers real-time multi-location inventory depletion and movement
    • Extremely easy to learn and use
  • Modern Tap, EMV Chip, and Swipe payments for smartphones and cards
  • Zero license fees so you can run as many tablets as needed to meet your room’s demands
  • Print, email, and text receipts
  • Tip onscreen or with printed tickets
  • With over 4 dozen configuration switches, you get to operate the way you please

Activ8 POS is organized, mobile, and connected to streamline and maximize your “customer-present” sales environment.


Customer look up. Associate an order with an existing customer or club member.

Product category. Customized merchandising allows you to easily find products for sale.

Set quantity. Easily set the quantity of each line item.

Split Order. More than 1 customer on the same tab? Easily split the order to allow them to pay seperately.

Send Items. Kitchen, Bar, or fulfillment printers allow your salespeople to communicate with fulfillment people to create an elevated guest experience.

Gift Cards. Sell Activ8 gift cards or load an existing card with money to drive tasting room and online store traffic.

Save Order. Park and recall orders as many times as needed to run tabs and create a custom guest experience instead of a check-out line experience.

Check out. Move order to the checkout process and take payment.
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