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Email Marketing Made Easy

Email is the number one way to sell more online. Yes, there are many email service providers that can help you do that for a price of course. Even though those email service providers help your winery or distillery get more business, they lack one very important aspect. They don’t give you data on your […]

Yes! You Should Have a Club!

It’s an urban or internet myth that distilleries can’t have or operate a club channel or club program due to shipping regulations. While shipping may not be an option for distilleries, “pick-up” clubs or the “will call” format certainly abounds. Take a peek into the wine world and you will find that the reality is […]

Activ8 Offers Loyalty Gift Card Program

Now there is technology to allow you to use your POS terminal to load and redeem both loyalty and gift cards. In this way, you are creating a digital “love fest” between your business and your customers. Wineries and distilleries alike believe in promoting customer loyalty and finding creative ways of tackling that broadly defined […]

Kiosk Features in Activ8

Let your guests do the work of entering their data directly into your POS. Wineries and distilleries have different ways of collecting new mailing addresses. Many use a branded mailing list sign up card. Some wineries/distilleries insist on an email address for every POS transaction. Others incentivize staff to collect names and addresses. Some offer […]

Are You Looking at the Whole Picture?

When selecting a DTC sales software provider, are you looking at the whole picture? Most systems offer you a POS, Club Automation, Website Marketing, and Sales Tools. But, do they accurately deplete inventory across multiple locations? Activ8’s inventory management software offers what most systems are missing. With Activ8 inventory is tracked several ways such as: 1. […]