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Importance of Customer Experience

Tasting rooms at wineries, and now distilleries have become a big business, with ever-grander facilities that draw millions of people, which leads to fancier facilities and more visitors. It’s a virtuous cycle — mostly. Here are some tips for the tasting rooms themselves: a single bad experience can cost a brand a customer, every touch […]

Consider A Kiosk in Your Tasting Room

Wineries/distilleries have different ways of collecting new mailing addresses. Many use a branded mailing list sign up card. Some wineries/distilleries insist on an email address for every POS transaction. Others incentivize staff to collect mailing list detail or email addresses by paying a dollar amount per name(s) collected per day/week/month etc. Some even offer perks […]

Top 5 Reasons to Include a Loyalty and Gift Card Program

In today’s retail world now, you can use your Point-of-Sale terminal to load and redeem both loyalty and gift cards. There are super reasons to add loyalty and gift cards to creating a digital love fest between your business and your customers. Wineries and distilleries alike believe in promoting customer loyalty and finding creative ways […]