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Why Activ8 Commerce? Our system goal is simple. Do it once and done! We work hard to eliminate as many 3rd party apps as makes sense. Minimize duplicate data entry. Stop embarrassing yourself because app data is not in sync.  Oh, and what if one or some of those apps push updates that that break […]


Why Activ8 Commerce? Are you looking for a new sales system but can’t find a way out of the “similarity rut” between them? You really should take a good look at Activ8 Commerce. Our approach to helping you get more done in less time offers a unique way out.  Our new back-office environment – Activ8 Cloud – is a […]

Apple Email Privacy Protection: What It Means for the Future of Email

It has recently come to our attention that Apple has changed its email privacy protection policy. We found this article by Scoketlabs very useful. Scoketlabs is the email delivery service that Activ8 uses for all emails sent through our mailing system. We strongly suggest that you read through this article and make any necessary updates […]