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Active’s Treasure Trove of Resources

What is often overlooked when assessing and comparing a “current” POS system to a “new” POS system is the time to budget for the changes that will need to happen; and the level of ease your team has in the transition from old to new before going live. You need to bear in mind the […]

What is the Best Choice: Native Apps vs. Web Apps

Before your winery or distillery gets started in developing an app or are figuring out your POS eCommerce and Club platform for your system you must have an understanding. What is important is deciding in how you are going to create and use your app. Basically, at this point you have two choices to utilize […]

Great POS First. Functionality is What Makes Active Greater!

Added Value with Active Let’s face it. Change is hard, even if it is good change that will improve your workflow, business efficiencies, and systems for the better in your winery or distillery business. Whether you and your staff are frustrated with your current system, or, for many other reasons, you are shopping for a […]