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Let Your “likeability” Shine Tip #2

Promote Likeability #2 Automate Swaps If you want to be liked, you MUST swap this for that to ensure customer happiness! I’ve literally seen club agreements say NO SWAPS ALLOWED. I’m not sure I would want to be a member of that club. Again, people buy from people they like. That means you need to […]

Promote Likeability

Let Your “likeability” Shine – Promote Likeability #1 – It’s Mobile It’s hard to convert a one-time buyer into a repeat buyer and your sales system is NOT going to make it happen for you. But it can help. Since people buy from people they like, having a sales system that promotes “likeability” is a […]

Let Your “Likeability” Shine

Promote Likeability It’s hard to convert a one-time buyer into a repeat buyer and your sales system is NOT going to make it happen for you. But it can help. We all know that people buy from people they like. So, guess what? That means your customers will only re-order on your website if they liked their […]

Your Holiday Email Campaigns are Already Late: How to Get Caught Up

Check out this great article on emails for the hoilday’s by our friends at Socket Labs. In past years, your neighbors may have looked at you funny for putting up your holiday decorations in October. But when it comes to the 2021 email season, starting early is going to make all of the difference. We […]


Why Activ8 Commerce? Thinking about Year-End Reporting? Think Data-Centric DTC Sales Solution so you can know more, sell more, and earn more. With this year’s end coming at you like a freight train, are you wishing you had stared this ugly dog down a year ago? Putting up with shoddy reports and bad data for […]

Apple Email Privacy Protection: What It Means for the Future of Email

It has recently come to our attention that Apple has changed its email privacy protection policy. We found this article by Scoketlabs very useful. Scoketlabs is the email delivery service that Activ8 uses for all emails sent through our mailing system. We strongly suggest that you read through this article and make any necessary updates […]

American Single Malt Whiskey to be Legally Defined

A new rule providing a legal definition for American single malt whiskey will be published this December, according to the American Single Malt Whiskey Commission (ASMWC). ASMWC is an organization of US whiskey producers that have united to formulate and lobby for legal standards for American single malts. While many producers use the term ‘American single malt whiskey’ […]


Sparkling wine embraces a wide spectrum from the ultra-luxury to the everyday, but its traditional role has remained one of social joy – celebrating togetherness and often marking a notable moment in life. It’s therefore hardly surprising that the onset of the Covid pandemic has provoked disruption in the sparkling wine category, with global volumes […]


It might seem like a silly question, but we frequently hear from frustrated winery and distillery business folks who are at a loss for how much they sell, both in quantity and in dollars.  The big question is how much they own in sales tax and how much did they collect.  It seems many sales […]


How many times have you had a club member drop in, wanting to pick up their club package that you charged their card for a month ago, only to find that you don’t have the products on hand to give them?  Kind of embarrassing.  Right? Activ8 Commerce can fix that.  It subtracts “allocated” inventory from […]