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Why Activ8 Commerce?

Because multiple, disconnected apps needed by other systems are expensive and cause confusion for you, your staff, and your customers. Our goal is to take the expense and confusion out of running your DTC business.

Activ8 Commerce builds more complete functionality into our core system, eliminating the need for many of those expensive and disconnected 3rd party apps.

Put an end to app mania.  Let Activ8 Commerce ease your troubled minds and save you thousands of dollars annually.

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Stable Solution

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Single Solution

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Data-Centric Solution

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Activ8 Commerce just got significantly easier to use.  Meet Activ8 Cloud – our new browser-based back-office environment.  Activ8 Cloud is easy to use and learn, helping your tasting room, club, web store, and marketing managers take faster control of their jobs.

Activ8 Cloud will feel more familiar.  Enjoy more task shortcuts than in any other system. Sort and filter customer, member, order, and product data more easily.  Use single-click “Quick Filters” to instantly display consistent lists.  Schedule marketing events and club run steps with remarkable ease.

Also, get real-time visual representations of your sales and marketing performance in the easy-to-understand charts and graphs with our new dashboards.  Heck! A couple of screengrabs for your business presentations will surely impress your boss.

You’ve got to see it for yourself, request a demo today!



ipad pos 2 screens 2023 300x256 - Solutions Stand AloneTURBO-CHARGED RETAIL POS

Having the right POS in your tasting room can make or break the guest experience. While other systems give you a POS that acts like a web cart, the Activ8 POS difference can be appreciated immediately. It is designed to deliver the speed needed in a customer-present environment.

It’s also fully connected to your other consumer sales channels, providing retail sales professionals with access to customer insight and lifetime value, club and web store pickups, new customer and member registration screens, and visibility to inventory stock across multiple locations, in real time.

Powerful, yet easy to use, the new Activ8 POS will run on any device, (computer, laptop, tablet…iOS or Android) and we never charge license fees. Run as many devices as you need to deliver that over-the-top services your customers expect.


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Deliver the club experiences your members will love.  With Activ8, it’s not one type or the other. Our system allows you to offer multiple club types, so your customers are compelled to join!  Run a standard package club, an allocation or member choice club, or an auto-ship club. Or offer all three.  Our system flexibility will help you maximize your memberships and earn their loyalty.

Processing can also be put on autopilot.  Our new scheduling tool allows you to set up each club run in advance and then schedule each processing event to happen on the date and time you choose!  No more hand-holding and hair-pulling.  Our payment processors offer auto-update to payment cards on file.  Our shipping interface will even update incorrect addresses.  Everything is built so your clubs run successfully.


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We offer an easy-to-use, intuitive interface for your customers and club members too.  Give them an online store to buy more, a registration page to join your clubs, a portal to manage their own account, and an allocation page to modify their club package.

Activ8 eCommerce offers an easy plug-n-play, redirect solution that is included with every software subscription.  It is as close to an instant online presence as you can get because it is all controlled by your Activ8 Commerce customer and inventory database.  

Activ8 eCommPLUS lets WordPress users “buy-up” to advanced shopping cart animation and SEO functionality.  Because it is also a WordPress plug-in, it gives merchants the ability to apply custom designs to their web store.

Both solutions are fully responsive – built to display perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. 


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When exclusivity is the core of your brand, Activ8 Commerce provides the easiest automation you could imagine to stylishly grant limited access to members or a targeted list of buyers.

Easily select the product you’re offering, set limitations on minimums and maximums, establish beginning, ending, and shipment dates, and send release emails to the list. You can also let customers “wish” for more if a product is left at the end of the allocation. This first-come, first-served processing is fully automated.

Activ8 Commerce’s advanced allocation wizard helps you to easily perform or schedule every processing step, ensuring you don’t miss a thing.  Turn it on and set back and watch the momentum build and the orders flood in!


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The goal of letting your customers enjoy a fully branded, state-of-the-art website and online shopping experience may be hard to achieve when your design team does not understand the nuances of your sales system.  Activ8 Commerce is prepared to catapult your craft beverage sales to the next level.

Our in-house design team performs a broad range of design and development services that include everything from an entire website redesign to simple WordPress plug-in modifications, ensuring a smooth transition when onboarding with Activ8’s eCommPLUS platform.  See a few of the sites we’ve designed and built in our portfolio section and let us know how we can bring your vision to life.


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Drive sales by automating email marketing delivered to the right group of customers.

Activ8 Commerce is built to simplify this critical task.  The CRM functionality of Activ8 is enormous and marketing events can be automated, saving you hours of time.

Send a thank-you email with a special offer to everyone who bought in your tasting room last week.  Schedule this to happen every Monday at 10:00.  Activ8 will do the search, use your design template, do the mail merge and send the emails while you’re enjoying your day off.

Then, to top it all off, Activ8 Commerce tracks the emails and gives you solid campaign results data, including an ROI calculator so you know exactly how much money you made from each event!


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True multi-location inventory management is one of our stand-out features. Activ8 Commerce helps you stay on top of stock levels at each location. Deplete inventory life, as sales occur. View on-hand, allocated available and on-order inventory by location. Activ8 also tracks inventory movement between locations so you are always in-the-know.

Speaking of “In-the-Know” – Activ8 lets you know your business like it’s nobody’s business.  Great reporting is a byproduct of strong data management and this is one area where the power of Activ8 Commerce shines the brightest. You can automate many of the reports, so they simply appear in your (and your manager’s) inbox. Grab that morning cup of coffee, open your inbox and see what happened across your entire DTC sales platform yesterday.


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Sweat less, smile more!  No one likes it when reports don’t jive.  Because Activ8’s POS, Club Software, eCommerce, and Inventory Solutions share one common database, you can feel confident that your sales reports are accurate and true.  With Ativ8 Commerce’s strong, data-centric focus, efficiencies improve, staff sells more, and the customer experience is elevated across your entire operation.

More than in any other system, you get over 18,000 searchable data fields.  When search capabilities are superior, so are your reporting capabilities.  You will know your business better.




When other systems require cumbersome 3rd party apps and expensive middlemen to get your package info to the shipper, Activ8 has a direct line of communication with FedEx, UPS, and GSL.  Get accurate shipping rates on each order – as it is keyed – and then adds a “handling fee” set by you.  All in the blink of an eye.

Then batch your orders that are ready for shipping and print your live shipping labels – in the carrier’s format – on crack and peel thermal printers.  Yah baby – crack and peel to the rescue.  Stop wasting your time with external logistics partners.

Tracking info is emailed to the customer from the carrier and also flows back into each order and is visible to customers in the customer/member portal.

Now, if you use a 3rd party fulfillment service, Activ8 has you covered there too.  Easily transmit package data to dozens of providers with a click of a button.


Find out for yourself how powerful our all-in-one sales solution is!

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