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KPI Anywhere Dashboards

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Visual Dashboards

Take action now based on key indicators.

Overwhelmed by granular data and just need instant answers?

Active8 Commerce gives you visibility into your leading indicators so you can put incentives and pushes in place to influence the sales results you want.  You get over 60 different visual charts and graphs which are generated from the data collected in your Activ8 Commerce database from all of your sales channels. Activ8’s data engine instantly compiles the data at the moment you open the dashboards and gives you up to the second visual charts that reveal actionable insights fast.

The dashboards are fully viewable in our POS and our “Manager” interfaces.  But it gets better.  Simply save the private URL for your dashboards on your smart phone’s web browser and get  an instant and real-time check-in no matter where you are.

Know your business better.


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