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Integration with Quickbooks Accounting

Activ8's Software integration with Quickbooks Accounting


Activ8 Commerce (A8C) is the only beverage sales system to have a real, bi-directional interface with QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Manufacturing. When you set up products in A8C, they automatically get setup in QuickBooks. When you enter payment for an invoice in QuickBooks, it automatically updates the payment status of the order in A8C. Now that’s an “interface” the way it’s supposed to work.

quickbooks intergration - Integration with Quickbooks Accounting

Integration features

When integrated with the QuickBooks Accounting system, Activ8 Manager can:

  • transfer sales receipts and credit memos to QuickBooks
  • transfer invoices and payments to QuickBooks
  • transfer payments received on invoices
  • read payments received in QuickBooks on invoices
  • unearned revenue – charged but not shipped or pickup up (QuickBooks Item Other Charge)
  • origin taxes (QuickBooks Item Sales Tax or Other Charge)
  • destination taxes (QuickBooks Item Sales Tax or Other Charge)
  • freight and handling (QuickBooks Other Charge)
  • taxable freight and handling (QuickBooks Other Charge)
  • journal entries for COGS when using inventory grouping
  • all possible sales receipt fields are filled in; several using definable rules
  • customers and inventory missing from accounting database are inserted automatically
  • read the Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks
  • read sales tax structure from QuickBooks, including item sales taxes and tax codes (automatically mapped to Manager’s layout)
  • read/write (insert/update) customer records – one to one with QuickBooks or grouped to 4 customer records
  • read/write (insert/update) inventory records – one to one with QuickBooks or grouped to summary inventory
  • read/write (insert/update) vendor records
  • synchronize existing QuickBooks customer IDs from with customers in Manager
  • write error and warning messages to the Job Log

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