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  • Things we love: Magical club runs!

    love wizard - Blog

    Things our customers love: Things our customers love:Embarking on the journey of club releases and shipments? Activ8 Commerce has your back, armed with a built-in club wizard that simplifies the whole process with savvy! Imagine every detail seamlessly handled within the system, from package clubs to member choices. The special touch? You can schedule tasks…

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  • Things we love: Service with a smile!

    love swaps - Blog

    Things our customers love: With Activ8 Commerce, you can switch up your club members’ picks at the checkout with just a swipe of your fingers! Prices, discounts, and inventory get adjusted instantly – no mess, no stress! You will love providing service with a smile – schedule a demo today! New Features Tock Reservation integration…

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  • New Year, New Plan! Smooth Moves in Real-Time at your POS!

    Real time POS - Blog

    Sales and marketing plan idea for your winery or distillery in 2024

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