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Know Your Full Results


 If Marketing drives Sales, and you need to track results to prove it, wouldn’t it make more sense to do it all in a single system?  Your lists are already in the sales database.  Your customer data and purchase history are also there.  And to top it all off, your resulting sales from each new campaign will be there as well.

List building becomes easier…campaign results analysis is more complete.  Our end-to-end solution will really simplify your life and provide more accurate results.

Parse your list

With over 18,000 searchable data fields, your ability to zero in on the right set of buyers will drastically improve your campaign performance.

Design Templates

With our modern templates, you can easily change the pictures and the text to send remarkably clean offers that will drive buyer action.  We offer two familiar and easy to use html editors for easy updates or more advance design edits.  Want to bring in your own designs and templates, just copy and paste the html code from your design right into Activ8’s system.

Automated or drip marketing

With our single-system approach, you can also send your marketing messages at just the right time.  Scheduled searches pickup on the recent sales activity and delivers your message without your team members’ direct interaction.  Activ8’s search and schedule function lets you tell the system what to search for, when to perform the search and what message template to send. It will even ask you if you want to drip this message once or  on a recurring basis!


Built right into Activ8 Cloud is a drawer just for Marketing.  You can see exactly how each email performed – who received or didn’t – who opened it – who clicked it – who bought it.  There’s even visibility at the order level to let you know exactly how much money you made from each email event.

Put an end to reconciling multiple systems.  Enjoy our single system approach!

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Watch Our Videos on Email Marketing, Email Tracking, and CRM

We understand that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical part of maintaining and growing your business. This is why we offer you a dynamic and robust system with support tutorials on how to use our list building and reporting tools, run email marketing campaigns, and track and analyze your data. 

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Customer communication, relationship management, and reporting are all vital to growing and managing your business. Activ8 Commerce provides you with more tools to do this than any other retail sales system.

CRM & List Building Tools

With your software system, you can get as detailed as you want, including:
– proximity to your business or store with GPS coordinates
– delivery address and e-mail address validation
– customer advanced gift and promo features
– club cancellation tracking, automated expiration & suspension features
– built-in customer source tracking
– customer preference tracking
– membership statistics snapshots

Reporting Tools

Need to know something? Not a problem. With Activ8’s superior data management, you can generate more than pre-canned reports. You can query the database to get to the answers you need. Your search capabilities are endless. So are your reporting capabilities. A few examples:

– show all customer email addresses who bought chardonnay in the tasting room yesterday
– show sales tax charged on all club packages shipped in the last month
– show all inventory moved from the warehouse to the tasting room in the last quarter


Find out for yourself how powerful our all-in-one sales solution is!

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