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One Stop Shop for Digital Marketing & Email Communication
With all your customer data, customer purchase history and buying patterns stored in your Activ8 Commerce database, why go to another system to design, send and track your digital communication and special offers? Save yourself time and money by using our built-in email engine powered by SocketLabs.

Parse your list
With over 18,000 searchable data fields in Activ8’s database, your ability to zero in on the right list of buyers you can drastically boost your email campaign performance.

With an easy to use HTML editor, Activ8 Commerce helps you design professional looking newsletters, special offers, greeting cards and club member communication.

Automation is made simple within our system. Activ8’s Job Queue allows you to schedule emails to go out at just the right time. Your customers will be honored to receive welcome letters, birthday cards (to both member and spouse), membership anniversary cards & wedding anniversary cards and more. Where you win – it can happen automatically. Image having this automated so you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation without missing a beat.
This also goes beyond marketing. Activ8 Commerce also automates many of the reports your managers need daily, weekly & monthly. There’s no need to manually generate financial reports, shipping problem notifications, package delivered e-mails and club growth reports.

Built right into Activ8 Manager is the tracking of all e-mail events. This is not just a benefit designed for e-mail marketing but for all e-mails whether marketing, member communication, internal communication or organizational processes. Unlike other systems, Activ8 links these events to customers, transactions, processes, organizations, and staff for superior reporting and visibility. Within Activ8 Commerce, you can:

   – deep dive into the details of all the outbound messages
   – get up-to-the-minute updates in real-time result reporting
   – tracks complaints, unsubscribes, and critical bounce processing information
   – tracks revenue generation resulting from e-mail marketing campaigns

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We understand that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a critical part of maintaining and growing your business. This is why we offer you a dynamic and robust system with support tutorials on how to use our list building and reporting tools, run email marketing campaigns, and track and analyze your data. 

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Customer communication, relationship management, and reporting are all vital to growing and managing your business. Activ8 Commerce provides you with more tools to do this than any other DTC sales system.

CRM & List Building Tools
With your software system, you can get as detailed as you want, including:
   – proximity to winery, distillery or store
   – delivery address and e-mail address validation
   – customer advanced gift and promo features
   – club cancellation tracking, automated expiration & suspension features
   – built-in customer source tracking
   – customer preference tracking
   – membership statistics snapshots

Reporting Tools
Need to know something, not a problem, with Activ8’s superior data management, you can generate more than pre-canned reports. You can query the database to get to the answers you need. Your search capabilities are endless. So are your reporting capabilities. A few examples:

   – show all customer email addresses who bought chardonnay in the tasting room yesterday
   – show sales tax charged on all club packages shipped in the last month
   – show all inventory moved from the warehouse to the tasting room in the last quarter


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