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Fulfillment, Shipping & Tracking

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Activ8 Fulfillment, Shipping and Tracking

To self-fulfill or use 3rd party fulfillment? That is the question. Activ8 Commerce supports both.



No need to re-enter all package information into the carrier’s system. Activ8 offers full, live integrations with FedEx, UPS, and GSO and will save you hours of time doing data entry, weighing packages and making phone calls.

  • No need to maintain a shipping rates table.  The live integrations apply shipping, packaging costs and handling on-the-fly as each transaction is created, across all sales channels
  • Time to ship?  Search for all transactions that are paid but not shipped and batch print shipping labels.
  • Labels print in the assigned carrier format
  • Schedule smart pickup with the carrier
  • Import tracking numbers
  • Carriers email tracking to customers
  • Customers can view tracking in the member portal on your website

3rd Party Fulfillment:

Using 3rd party fulfillment is supported by Activ8 in many ways. Because Activ8 is tracking all packages, payment status and shipping status, it’s easy to search transactions, display your shipping list and export it to either Microsoft Excel or push to your fulfillment house via the ShipCompliant bridge.

  • You will need to submit and maintain a table of shipping charges within your Activ8 database.
  • At your own convenience, build a list of transactions that are paid and not shipped
  • Choose to export or send to fulfillment
  • The fulfillment house can also send tracking info back to your Activ8 database
  • Customer can view tracking in the member portal on your website


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