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Data Management

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Direct-to-Consumer Technology

Activ8’s DTC sales software is a powerful all-in-one system with 3 unique interfaces.

  • Activ8 Manager: a powerhouse data interface for club & marketing automation and control-central
  • Activ8 POS: a feature-rich Point-of-Sale interface for customer-present sales transaction
  • Activ8 eCommerce: a robust online interface for customer interaction

Activ8 Manager’s search, display, and reporting features are built on more than sixteen years of experience in advanced, patented database management technology. It is built and customized for each client according to their sales operations structure. It is the most powerful and customizable administrative interface for DTC sales in its class.  It works in the cloud but offers an enhanced user experience and significantly more data control than browser-based applications.

Activ8 POS is a native iPad app and offers a user experience that is optimize for a retail, customer-present environment.  And, because club member interaction is frequently face-to-face, it is much more than most retail POS systems.  It supports club signups, pickups, swaps, card-on-file updates and more to serve members.

The Activ8 eCommerce interface is iFrame based and is designed to intuitively guide your online guest through buying, joining clubs, and managing their own profile.  The pages are fast and efficient and work seamlessly on a desktop or mobile device.

With all 3 interfaces sharing one common database, there is no import or export between applications. Any change or action happens accurately and instantly across all interfaces and locations.

Infrastructure & Security

Activ8 Manager uses secure cloud computing technology. Unlike other DTC systems, every client gets their own separate, fully secure database.

Activ8 Commerce’s data centers are in California, Washington, Virginia, and Texas to ensure that data travels the shortest distance to and from clients throughout North America.  Active limits physical servers to house no more than 10 unique databases to optimize speed and security.

In addition to traditional security and firewalls, Activ8 Commerce has invested in a managed firewall service from a leading security specialist. The application and the entire infrastructure are PCI compliant and certified. All data is backed up daily.


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