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Club Automation

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Activ8 Club Automation

Acitv8 Commerce delivers the most powerful and customizable club software 

Deliver a club experience your members will love. Activ8 Commerce supports Standard Package, Member Choice and Placeholder Clubs. Host up to 8 different clubs with an unlimited number of options under each one. Your creative club structure is never squelched.

Process thousands of club packages and credit cards in a fraction of the time it would take to manually key every order. Activ8’s club wizard also automates member communications, order confirmations and declined payment notifications, saving you even more time and money.

  • 3 different types of club processing:
    • Standard Package Clubs that are easy and thorough
    • Member Choice / Allocation Club allows members to select their own product
    • Placeholder Club creates reusable abstracts that can greatly simplify a club program
  • Club automation wizard with customizable steps guides the process and automates most tasks
  • Job queue lets you schedule personalized member email communication and club events
  • Gift and prepaid membership
  • Membership in multiple clubs
  • Delivery address and email address validation, with proximity calculation
  • Fully integrated shipping, real-time rates, label printing, and tracking
  • Calculates package weights, custom discounts, handling fees, shipping fees, origin and destination taxes instantly
  • Automated weather advisories and temperature limits for safe shipping
  • Employee incentive system drives higher conversation rates
  • Visual Dashboards show membership activity and club health at a glance
  • Unparalleled search with an astonishing set of query tools like… show members with a non-payment history
  • Database change log


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